What was I suppose to remember???        

This time management and organizing tool will help remind you of those items and tasks - before walking out the door without your item or remembering to do that task. Check them out on theFinder Reminders™ Facebook Page.  Get afree customized Finder Reminders™ when you book an appointment. Creator of Finder Reminders™ by Organize and Stage Your Home.

Organize Help


We will help you create spaces for your items and put everything in its place that makes sense to YOU

During the organizing process:

  • Clutter and stress are reduced
  • Spaces are optimized 
  • Time and money are saved
  • Confidence and joy are renewed

Our storage solutions and organization tips will:

  • Enable you to find things easily
  • Give you a practical, well-designed space
  • Have a home for everything
  • Show you how to stay organized

We love to organize ~ Residential Homes:

  • All Rooms
    • Kitchen and Kitchen Pantry
    • Laundry and Linen
    • Bedroom
    • Family room
    • Playroom
    • Dining room
    • Garage and Attic
    • Hobby and Craft
    • Memorabilia
  • Papers and Office
  • Closet and Cabinet
  • Time Management
  • Calendar Planning
  • Unpack and Set Up New Home
  • Storage Advice
  • ​Declutter
  • ADD / ADHD​
  • ​Removal of unwanted items
  • ​Downsize
  • ​Estate Sales Set Up

Organizing and Time Management Help
Procrastination Help
Organize All Rooms
Organize and Stage Your Home will help you gain more space, time and clarity
Organize Closets

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Teresa James is a Certified Professioinal Organizer
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Organize Office, Papers, Filing, and Time Management

 Help with Time Management? 

Space management and time management are closely interwoven. Solving space issues often improve time management issues because there is less time spent looking for items and managing piles. If you want to work more directly on time management, I will analyze:

  • How you currently estimate your projects and tasks
  • How you manage multiple priorities
  • What time management tools you use

Then together, we will develop a customized plan that will allow you to spend significantly more of your time doing the things that are most important to you. I can't create more hours in the day, but I can help you to be more productive and feel more satisfied with how you spend your time.

Organize Home and Office

Do you "stash" or "declutter" when cleaning up?  

Stashing makes the clutter worse because eventually you'll still have to sort through the clutter and there will be more to go through later. You may even lose sight of valuable items because you won't be able to remember where you put them.

To remedy this situation, you may think this is overwhelming and don't know where to begin. If you or your family stash items away regularly, the typical root cause is indecision. Teresa, Organizing Consultant, can help make this organizing process uncomplicated and speed you along to a more organized, thought-out space. 

Organize Kitchen and Pantry

We love to organize ~ Business:

  • Office
  • Paper Management
  • Time Management
  • Calendar Planning
  • Workflow Improvements
  • Project Management
  • Storage and Inventory
  • Unpack/Organize new office
  • Filing Systems
  • Computer Files
  • Public Speaking
  • Organizing Workshops