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Testimonials from Clients with Organizing, Staging, Downsizing and Relocation Projects

Organize and Stage Your Home has improved the lives of many clients. Teresa provides customized services since everyone has special preferences

By offering inclusive organizing, relocating, moving, downsizing, and staging services with a creative and sensible approach, we can help you achieve your vision.

Enjoy reading testimonials from actual clients:  ​

Teresa of OASYH is the embodiment of an organizing professional!  She listened to our issues and our goals and without judgment, helped us to solve our problem areas.  You could tell just by watching her that she is doing something she truly enjoys and I honestly believe she loves just helping people unclutter their lives and offices and she does so in a respectful, positive way.  OASYH went above and beyond my initial thoughts, jumped right in and organized, all the while explaining the process and design behind the way things were organized. No question was too mundane and she was happy to explain how and why she organized things the way she did so that we were empowered to keep it going.  Things were not just “put away,” but logically stored and placed in areas that made the most sense to the items at hand.  Should an organizational need arise in the future, we would most definitely not hesitate to ask her to come back and help.  Thank you, Teresa!
~ Church Pension Group (business office organizing and process flow)
Memphis, TN


A job well done! 100 % satisfied. Packing was done carefully and efficiently. It will be my pleasure recommending your services anytime.

~ Phil (packing project)


Teresa James helped me organize my office and set up a paper flow system (incoming mail/papers, papers in progress, and outgoing mail/papers). She addressed my biggest hurdle which was getting everything off of my desk and finding my pen. My desk was so disorganized that my staff was trained to only place items that needed my attention in my chair so as not to get lost in the clutter on my desk.

Teresa shared with me organizing guidelines and also showed techniques such as sorting, assigning a "home", containerizing and labeling. One thing that really stuck with me was that everything has its own "home". Everything now has a "home" thanks to Teresa's training methods! I also have a project folder on my desk. If I don't finish the project before I leave for the day, I simply place the forms in the project folder, go home and leave my desktop organized. When I return the next morning, I can find what I need to start on my projects.

With her help, she gave me gentle pushes when I wanted to hold onto some useless items. I was able to eliminate tons of papers and duplications. My staff cannot believe that they can see the actual top of my desk. My desk is still organized AND I can now find a pen!

Teresa was so supportive and understanding that I looked forward to our working sessions together.
~ Marcia (business office organizing)

Professional Organizer!! Wish I had done it sooner! Teresa organized my entire office. The absolute best thing about Teresa for me was her ability to find a way to organize that worked for me. As a result I have a beautifully organized office. The biggest shocker to me and especially my husband has been that I have kept it up!

I was so happy with the results that I have had Teresa back twice, once to organize my personal closet (with excellent results) and another time to organize my girls' bedroom. The girls loved the process. Teresa took the time to talk with and teach the girls (9 and 7) how to stay organized.  

Teresa's talent was finding a way to organize that was EASY and NATURAL for me to keep up with. I really cannot believe the difference! Worth every penny! Thankyou Teresa! 
~ Paula (organizing project)

Teresa has an amazing ability to really listen carefully to what you are saying, and she is able to lead you down the path of organizing thinking in your own way, not hers. Your space is your space and Teresa not only respects that, she has the uncanny ability of being so non-judgmental that not once did I feel embarrassed or silly about any of the reasons I had been holding onto so much "stuff".

Teresa is a delight to work with. Her attitude is positive, encouraging, and honest and she comes prepared to work hard. I had so many tiny details in my scrapbook room; she was able to keep them all straight in her head. I really enjoyed working with Teresa; she is upbeat, objective, and most of all patient and empathetic. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone for any reason. Teresa is an asset and a true gem; she has taught me ways to stay organized in many other aspects of my life, not just in my scrapbook room and for that, I am forever grateful.
~ Tresha (organizing project)

Teresa, my sincerest thanks for helping me with my move. The downsizing process of all items made it so much easier when the actual move date arrived. You helped me organize and realize what was important! You are a terrific person - thank you - never could have done it without you!
~ Joanie (downsizing and relocating project)

Thanks so much for rescuing me and helping me get myself and Mom's house organized! I didn't have any clue how or where to get started. I really appreciate your calm, no pressure 
attitude and conversation about what I would like to do. You were able to point me to the room I was the most concerned about, keep me focused on that room, and help me get one area at a time taken care of so that it wasn't such an overwhelming task. Even as I wandered off to put something away, you knew I would get lost in multi-tasking and you easily got me back to my initial focus point. My family was amazed at how much we accomplished in such a short time, too! 

I know I couldn't have done anywhere nearly as much alone, as we did while you were here. Thank you again so much for the organizing knowledge you passed on to me!
~ Lynn (organizing project)

I highly recommend Teresa on any 
detail project that you may have. Teresa goes beyond the call of duty. She focuses on her client's desire and her dedication is amazing. Teresa kept me focused to assist her with direction of my major garage project. Her previous experience in management shows her time management expertise. One can tell that it takes a special talent with a great deal of passion to be a professional organizer and detail specialist. Thank you again Teresa. I will continue to refer and use your services. You are a true blessing.
~ Cherri (organizing project)

Teresa knew exactly where to start and what to do so no time was wasted. The organizing process moved swiftly and there is now no problem finding things that were moved, and once crowded spaces now have empty racks, drawers and shelves. The process was amazing, the “value” was incredible and the entire process gets an A++ from start to finish.  
~ Laurel (organizing project)

When we moved into our new home, we realized the need of assistance to get everything organized in its' functionally and 
esthetically pleasing place. Teresa surveyed the required task and immediately set about making furniture placements, the hanging of wall pictures, organizing the kitchen, and all other tasks required to set the house.

We are very pleased with her judgment and artistic arrangements. Her work ethics and attitude was most pleasing. When and if the occasion presents requirement of another home staging, we definitely will seek her assistance. We definitely recommend Teresa for any task requiring organizing. She has a very special talent for organizing and efficiency.
~ Paul and Elise (staging and organizing project)

The new room we added that you helped me "stage" looks great! It is everyone's favorite room, and has a sense of being loved, yet it is neat and welcoming. I really like how you managed to balance the colors all the way around the room, too. Now I know what to look for when I stage my next room.
~ Lynn (staging project)

We were struggling to find a community partner that could speak knowledgeably about the connection between an organized work area and having a safe work environment.  I loved that Teresa was able to efficiently and effectively connect office safety with organizing. Teresa was able to share valuable tips and tricks with our employees to show that when everything has a "home", we can work more efficiently and safely!
~ Brother International Corporation (business office organizing and paper management)
Bartlett, TN

I did not know exactly what to expect when I hired Teresa - I just knew I needed help. I had moved into a new apartment more than a month before, but there were still boxes everywhere. I was completely overwhelmed and hated coming home every day to that mess.  After three hours with Teresa, the apartment was not only more livable, but she gave me a working plan and tips for how to deal with the rest of the clutter in my life. After our session, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. She's not only professional and personable, she's also very non-judgmental. I would not hesitate to hire her again!
~ Mary (organizing, staging and downsizing project)


Thank you Teresa!! It was a pleasure organizing with you! My husband is afraid to touch anything, scared he may mess something up. I gave him the walkthrough and the rules ;-) so he should be OK as long as he sticks to the plan. There’s something about bringing someone else in to do the work that has been done before, in order for it to stick! So thank you again! 

~ Jennifer (organizing project)


Teresa was wonderful. She unpacked and organized my entire dining room and helped with organizing my kitchen. Very helpful! 

~ Julie M. Collierville, TN (unpacking and organizing project)

Teresa was very easy to work with, staged with my furnishings, and did a wonderful job. Very pleased client...!
~ Linda (staging project)

Teresa did an excellent job as well as help eliminate all of the anxiety that goes with discarding and organizing things.
~  International Paper employee relocating (decluttering and relocation project)
Memphis, TN