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Locations served:  Memphis, Germantown, Eads, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Lakeland, Oakland, Arlington, Olive Branch and surrounding Shelby County areas.  Outside these areas are offered too.

Organizing Ideas and Tips

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Five Phases of Organizing by Teresa James

Our Promise...

No job is too small and no job is too big because we approach each project based on your priorities, budget, and time. Call for a free phone consultation (901-229-4570) to talk about your struggles, needs and vision. Being a Certified Professional Organizer and Accredited Staging Professional is going to make the project go faster and smoother saving you time and money. I want you to be successful and stay organized after our session!

Making Your Life Easier,

​Teresa James, CPO, ASP

​Serving Memphis with Respect and Quality Service. 

Organize Stage Unpack services in Memphis TN
Organize Papers Mail Clutter
  1. Call or Text Teresa (901) 229-4570 or... Click on Contact so I can call you.
  2. We'll do a short assessment of your priorities and areas of concern and I will share my approach and processes.
  3. We'll schedule an appointment to get started on your projects. At our first appointment we do a tour of the areas of concern, all confidential, and get started with hands-on organizing.    

​It's That Easy!

Are you: Overwhelmed with cluttered spaces Always misplacing / losing items Uncertain knowing how to start organizing Dealing with stacks of mail and papers Embarrassed in having people over Wasting time struggling to complete tasks

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Organizing Tips that really work by Organize and Stage Your Home in Memphis, TN
Organize and Stage Your Home Help Organize
Organize Customize organizing solutions for all rooms / closets for your lifestyle Control over incoming mail and paper filing Teach time management and calendar planning Resolve ADD / ADHD / Chronic Disorganization issues

Organizing Specialist in Memphis TN

​Need Help Organizing, Virtual Organizing,  Unpacking or Staging?

Organizing Professional Helps Clients
Organize and Stage Your Home Professional Organizer in Memphis TN

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We love to help these clients:
(1). We specialize in helping busy individuals and families who feel overwhelmed and disorganized with their spaces and are needing home organization, setting up spaces after a move, or home staging.  Whether you already have a demanding life, need help catching up after a life transition, need to clear the clutter, or just need that skilled "organize magic" to guide you through the process, we are here to Making Your Life Easier!

(2). We offer techniques and strategies that help make positive changes for people with ADD/ADHD and Chronically Disorganized issues and challenges. Teresa James is an ADD / ADHD Specialist, a Chronic Disorganization Specialist, and an Aging Specialist, certified through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. 
(3). We also offer Office organizing services that will increase productivity and profitability with improvement in paper management, filing systems, procedural evaluations, time and space management, work flow improvements and documenting services. Simplicity is the key to efficiency that a Certified Professional Organizer can provide. The more steps it takes to do something, the less likely it will get done. 

You will discover storage and staging solutions along with more tips and advice during our sessions. ​ 

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Organize and Stage Your Home 

We help you: Make more spaces for your items Find things easily when you need them Make a home for everything Clear mind clutter and distractions Accept last minute guests by making cleanup easier ​Learn to stay organized
Teresa James with Organize and Stage Your Home is a Certified Professional Organizer, Accredited Staging Professional, ADD / ADHD Specialist, Chronic Disorganization Specialist and Aging Specialist